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אוהבים את הכלב שלכם? CANIS Nature מזמינים אתכם לנסות את האוכל הכי בריא וטרי שיש. מבושל רק מרכיבים טבעיים, ללא צורך בקירור מזון טרי לכלב. תזונה טבעית לחיות מחמד
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Right from the start, we have made our dog food with the same love and care that we put into preparing dinner for our families. When it comes to ingredients, only the best will do with healthy, premium quality market-fresh meat, veggies and fruits.

We think about food and become inspired. We think about pets and become motivated.

About us

The science and the heart

Our heart lies in quality, wholesome foods and fresh ingredients. We firmly believe that simply feeding your pet isn’t enough. Truly nurturing your pet and getting them to thrive, rather than survive, requires a more holistic view of pet nutrition.

This is why We’ve consulted with the leading EU veterinarians and pet nutritionists to provide a fully balanced, wholesome and integrative pet food. We’ve used fresh meats, fruits and veggies to provide the basic backbone of proteins and lipids and added special ingredients such as essential oils of rosemary and peppermint to add the extra twist to give your dog a unique, holistic, fully balanced and nurturing diet.


Joya, our official tester

Our team includes:


  • Leading EU veterinarians and pet nutritionists helped us build the ultimate recipe.
  • A dedicated crew of chefs and culinary consultants helped us develop a unique preparation method to maintain nutritional values and shelf life.
  • Joya, our official tester who helps us through the QA process, and personally tastes every batch.
  • Office personnel to verify that our service & obligations are at the top of the line.

Why Canis Nature?

Canis Nature is a natural pet nutrition solution that lives up to the strictest EU standards and has been tested and approved by leading veterinarians.

  • 100% natural. Here at Canis Nature we use only market fresh products – fresh Meats, fresh Vegetables & Fruits, and essential herbs for the extra twist.
  • Gently cooked at low temperature.
  • No grain, No artificial flavor & color, No artificial preservatives.
  • optimized blend of fatty acids to get that extra shine and stronger fur.
  • Easy Ingestion – All Canis Nature line of products are low on Carbs leading to less poop to scoop!
  • Supports fresh breath and body odor
  • Enriched with Antioxidants to support the immune system
  • All ingredients good for man and wonderful for our pets.


We only use the freshest natural ingredients, and you’ll find fresh meats, healthy fruits and vegetables as well as essential oils on our menu. You won’t find fillers such as ash, gluten containing cereals or chemicals.

Our Products

Canis Nature original recipe

Real fresh chicken served with selectively fresh market vegetables. Canis Nature provides a holistic and natural pet nutrition solution that lives up to the strictest EU standards.

Canis Nature menu has been tailor made to provide not only the essential building blocks of pet nutrition, but also a few key ingredients to help them truly thrive.

Our one of a kind method for cooking and packaging the food allows it to be stored for up to 6 months without any artificial preservatives.

Canis Nature by the sea

Our innovative blend of fresh Atlantic salmon, deep sea fish, fruits and veggies.  Naturally rich with Omega 3 and easily digestible protein.

Provides a complete & balanced nutritional profile which has been tried and tested by leading veterinarians and pet nutritionists.

Canis Nature wild farm

Canis Nature wild farm is a blend of beef & mutton, enriched with our well known fresh vegetables & fruits blend.

100% natural and preservative free, tailor made to provide not only the essential building blocks of pet nutrition, but also a few key ingredients to help them truly thrive.

Lightly cooked to lock in all the key vitamins & minerals and to retain the wonderful wild taste of nature.







Why choose fresh food?

In most cases, dried food is the doggie equivalent of junk food: heavily processed, loaded with fillers such as ash, wheat, rice and corn, and contains the bare minimum of what your dog needs.

What's in your food?

In Canis Nature line of products you will find only fresh ingredients – Meat for the protein backbone (chicken, beef or fish),Variety of hand picked vegetables and fruits for essential vitamins and minerals. Canis Nature foods never contains any artificial or chemical preservatives commonly found in traditional dry, canned or semi-moist pet food. Would you like to learn some more?

How long can I keep it?

Our unique and revolutionary preparation and packaging process allows Canis Nature to keep fresh and wholesome for up to 6 months without refrigeration in room temperature. Would you like to learn some more?




Can’t find your answer?

Consult with our nutritionists, trainers & vets


Canis Nature

מפיצים מורשים


מגדל העמק

חוות רוטוויל

הניצנים 39, מגדל העמק



זכרון יעקב


מרכז מסחרי השמורה, זכרון יעקב



בת חפר

ד”ר רויטל כהן – וט חפר

שדרות הערבה 20, בת חפר




אדם וחווה

החלוץ 11 גבעת אולגה, חדרה



אבן יהודה

מרפאת וט סנטר – ד”ר דני חסון

העצמאות 80 אבן יהודה



כוכב יאיר

ד”ר שלומית פרנס – מרפאה וטרינרית

האגוז 20, כוכב יאיר




וולף פאק 



כפר סבא

מרפאת דוליטל לחיות מחמד

תל חי 31 כפר סבא




וייצמן 86, כפר סבא


Canis Nature

מפיצים מורשים



כל טוב לחי

סוקולוב 7, הרצליה



פתח תקווה

מיספרווה לכלב ולחתול

ח”ן 1, פתח תקווה



תל אביב

אקספרס של חיות

פנקס 34 תל אביב



כפר רות

עמית לחי




עמית לחי

גינות האלה 80, מודיעין



ראשון  לציון

המחסן – מוצרים לבעלי חיים

משה בקר 11 ראשל”צ




דר’ ג’רסי לזר – המרכז הרפואי לחיות מחמד

מגיני הגליל 27, רחובות


Contact us

Natural Pet Nutrition Ltd.


45820, Israel

Tel: +972-72-2326151


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